Why Is Literacy Important To Me

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To me literacy means the ability to express my thoughts. My success is influenced by me having the ability to express the exact thoughts firing away inside my head. It affects my communication skills, which is the foundation of our world.“When I smile, not only do my ears rise, but so does my listening ability. When my mouth goes all Helen Keller, you know I heard you” (Jarod Loc. 5943). Literacy is the most important tool humanity possesses because nothing is accomplished without it, and we must be dedicated to understanding the importance of literacy so we are able to broaden the horizon of our communication skills. If you have ever wondered what it would be like to miss thirty seconds of time about fifty to a hundred times a day for(IN)…show more content…
An absence seizure causes a person to “blank out” or stare into space when there was abnormal activity in a person’s brain. The complex seizures happen so fast most people think the person is daydreaming or not paying attention. I was so excited to hear him say it wasn’t my fault and I was not daydreaming or not paying attention. Then he explained how my communication skills were affected when I had an absence seizure. I was not aware of anything going on around me and not be able to acknowledge it if someone tries to talk to me or if I was talking as the seizure started, I would stop in the middle of my sentence. We were told many people have seizures for years without knowing and they are very common in children. He tried to comfort my parents by telling them that the first clue could have been that I was having trouble learning in school yet I could work with computers on my own just fine. Things in my life changed drastically. As I was about to leave the office feeling relieved, the doctor said my love for whistling probably was a sign that meant I was about to have a seizure, so I had to stop the whistling. My parents and teachers stopped what they were doing every time they heard me whistle from then on! I wish I could say finding out the reason for my learning issues made my life easier, and maybe to some extend it did. It was the cure for my problem that soon created even more

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