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Child #1 In my observations of Michael, I notice that his major play patters were Conversation and games with rules. He was constantly speaking, and listening to others. He was planning each person roles in the game. Child #2 In my observations of Aiden, I notice that his play was unpredictable. He first started playing alone, solitary exploratory, and parallel functional. Then he engaged in a group activity in which his major play patterns were; peer conversation and dramatic play. Child #3 In my observation of Lucas I notice a range of different parents, and must of these changes were caused by his behavior while playing. First he was pretending to play a battle with two year old, using bats as if they were swords. My second observation, he was picking on younger children, hitting them in the feet with the bat. In my third observation, Lucas and 5 other kids where playing together (the tag game). But Lucas instead of touching children with his hands, he use the bat to hit them. He had little conversation with other kids, until the kids went to her mother to complain about his behaviors. He was seated by his mother, and kept just observing others play. His major play patter was aggression. 2.…show more content…
How does children’s cognitive and social-emotional developmental level affect children’s play behaviors? Use Piaget’s cognitive theory to support your arguments. Paget played little or no attention to children’s play. He thought that social interactions through play allow children to build memories, plan, and execute future actions. He thought it allows children to learn from each other, learn things about themselves and develop social

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