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Ask someone this one simple question, “What do you know about language?” they will probably say this: there are many different types of languages spoken in various part of the world… But do they know the importance that literacy has on their life? Without being literate, it is impossible for a person to tell the difference between right or wrong, hand and arm, or even table and chair. Many with the technology expanding are debate upon the impact that it has on literacy. Different people have different values/ideas about how literacy is important to them but many are unable to identify those values/ideas. Literacy is defined by “the ability to read or write” as Alexie and Wiesel discuss in their writing the meaning and importance of literacy. In Sherman Alexie’s “The Joy of Reading and Writing: Superman and Me” she explains being literate…show more content…
Just like Alexie, the writer of “Why do I Write?: Making No Become a Yes”, Elie Wiesel, claims how being literate helped him write stories about the suffering people had to go through during holocaust. Alexie and Wiesel do a brilliant job in showing the readers the importance that Literacy has on developing a person’s life. The value that literacy holds in a person is unnoticeable to them but easily noticeable by people around them. Literacy effects a person life through the ability it gives them to convey a message or even be successful. Literacy doesn't only give an individual the “ability to read and write” but it also gives them the ability to help others around them and make others lives better. Alexie and Wiesel both in their essay show even if an individual gives up on himself/herself or his/her opinion they won’t give up on changing it. In Alexie essay, she states that no matter what she will try helping the lives of people that “refuse and resist” to believe in their potential, she writes, “hey carry

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