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“Absolutely they should! Taking care of a child is a huge responsibility. We get licenses to drive, to use a gun, and for god sake, to fish even. So why should one get a license before having a child? To me, the process of getting a license not only makes one accountable but it also makes one think about what they are getting into. If they want it bad enough, why not go through the paces?” (Should people be required to obtain a parenting license). Many people have license for things whether it’s for something that could cause harm to people or something like fishing that could cause no harm. So why not do it for parenting when people are dealing with an actual human life. Some people may not be stable enough financially and some people may be abusers. With a parenting license we can pinpoint many of the bad things that may happen to children if we do not regulate the good from the bad. The way this can be started is by going to the source and figure exactly what it is that causes the bad things that may go on in unstable homes whether it is with abuse, illiterate people, or drug abusers. Licensing for parents is a good way to…show more content…
Many children are affected because of abuse in the house and this would be the perfect way to slim those chances. This license will ensure stability in families and require a bare minimum income of what people should make. There are license for things like fishing and driving both two completely different things and both are important to have when doing these acts. Why shouldn’t people be license for parenting if you need a license for something as simple as fishing. Licensing just requires an education and can ensure safety in families. Parent license is a good way to regulate people who are not stable enough to have kids and doing so can also prevent child abuse and other risky factors to

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