How Does Music Produce Sound In Music

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“ Putting on a show “ SECTION ONE - The analysis of how a specific instrument produces different notes. Instrument: Piano How do instruments produce sound? ; Components of sound. To understand the process through which a piano produces different notes, one must first understand the key principles of how sound is produced within any instrument. The apprehension of this underlying knowledge of such information can be elaborated upon in order to answer the question of notes on a piano. Sound itself is produced when audible waves of pressure are transmitted through a medium such as a gas, liquid, or solid. In physiology sound is the reception of such waves and their perception by the brain of a specific animal. Humans have the biological capability to hear sounds with frequencies in the range of 20 Hz and 20 kHz. Sound above this range is considered “ultrasound” and sound below this range is considered “infrasound”. Different animals have different sound reception ranges. Sound travels through a medium such as gas, liquid, or solids as longitudinal ( compression ) waves or transverse…show more content…
This is colloquially known as a “double rainbow”. This is caused because of a second internal reflection within the raindrops that disperses into a fainter rainbow atop the original. White light enters the droplet and is dispersed into the spectrum of colours due to refraction. After two internal reflections and another refraction, the separated color waves leave the drop to form the secondary rainbow. The second internal reflection causes the second rainbow to be faint and also affects the angle at which the light exits the droplet relative to the propagation of light waves travelling into the droplet. For the first rainbow this angle is usually 42 degrees, while for the second it is 50. With the sunbeams entering the drop on its bottom side, the order of the colors is reversed, leading to an inversely colored secondary

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