How Does Atticus Show Courage

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A Man With Courage In To Kill A Mockingbird, by Harper Lee, the narrator, Scout, describes her father as only satisfactory. Though Atticus may not be perfect, he does deserve more than satisfactory. Scout has every right to think of him this way, but there are copious moments throughout the book that can prove her wrong. In this essay the reader will see that Atticus is more loving, more morally sturdy, and more patient than Scout sees. than most fathers of the time period were. The reader will also see citations from To Kill a Mockingbird. Atticus shows one of his prominent attributes many times throughout the story. Atticus is something fathers were not with their children back then. Atticus is patient. In the 1930s children were obedient.…show more content…
When Christmas comes around and Atticus’s brother, Jack, comes to stay with them. Atticus and Jack start talking about the case Atticus is working on. Atticus says that he has to defend him, the negro man, and do what is right. The rest of the town thinks what most people in the 1930s thought about blacks did. That black people weren’t people, they are all evil vicious people. Atticus doesn’t. Atticus tells Jack that he wants his children will not listen to what the town is saying and that his kids will ask him questions about the case instead of the town. He hopes that “ ‘they trust me enough’ ” (Lee 117). He wants his children to understand that he is sticking with his morals and that they should too. Atticus says that all lawyers are assigned to defend black people. But he actually defends them. He says that if he didn’t, if he cheated that man of his chance to be proven innocent, “ ‘I couldn’t hold up my head in this town’ ” (Lee 100). He believes black people are human too. They matter to Atticus. And he doesn’t care who knows that. That is why he is courageous. That is why he is such a good man. He will not adopt other people’s opinions because he has his own. And he will endure the scrutiny and see it
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