Marx And Proletariat Analysis

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The essay focuses on two different sections. The first part of the essay is to discuss the central arguments about knowledge made by Marx and critical theorist. Pay close attention to its relationship based on the exploitation or oppression that exist in the society and the relationship between the bourgeoisie and the proletariat. Knowledge can only be acquired when applied in any practical situation. This can be achieved through’’ natural science”. This has long been in the existences before now. The fact that, we can think, and reason well, automatically our perception about the way we view things, gives us the correct impression of what the reality is. Therefore, the connection between us and the material world are “integrally linked to…show more content…
The study of social science is concerned about how” relationships are built and established between man and his material world”. This type of relationship that exist in” social phenomena” is what Marxist termed as class conflict or struggle .Right from the historical existence the way the society is formed or structured ,only few groups of people have the opportunities ‘to enjoy and owns the “means of production of goods”, While other groups look for a strategic way to survive. Consciously or unconsciously this thought dominate the heart of every human being, The way to go for it depends on the human relation to production, the bourgeois holds the means of production that is the powerful weapon which the base that hold all other things together. On other hand the proletariat exchanges his labour power to get what he needs to survive under the capitalist call the bourgeoisies. The bourgeois uses this avenue, to carry out their own mischievous plan on the…show more content…
Going back to the history of the South Africa education system, the schooling system then was based on political economy ambition and that of apartheid. The ideology motive behind this mission was targeted building a capitalist country around them, which was achieved at that time. Obviously, they got more than they wanted, through exploitation of the black people. The system of the education that was introduce to the black was call Bantu education this was designed to create a demarcation between the white and black child these segregation strengthen the power of inequality in the society at that period. Poor school for the black kids and rich school for the capitalist or the bourgeoisie children. In a way that the system continues to reproducing themselves nothing in common with the white schools .Bantu education was based only on the outcome, of what you are able achieve while still school and what you are able to do the result after graduating school. it was not standardized in form. They were used on the farm, and mining industries as a domestic worker. That was exactly the system of education designed for the blacks at that period of colonisation

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