Why I Want To Be Successful?

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Each human being in the world has strengths. My strengths are discipline, consistency, focus, being deliberative and being a developer. By putting these strengths to use, I have the ability to truly be successful towards the goals I strive to achieve concerning my personal academic success and vocational calling. What academic success and vocational calling in college looks like to me is being a well-rounded, focused individual, both inside and outside of the classroom. Academic success is so much more than just a grade or score on a piece of paper. Being academically successful is also being involved inside and outside of campus, such as joining and participating in various clubs and organizations with other college students, holding…show more content…
Of course, hard work is crucial in being a successful student and future physician. To get the grades required to be successful, I will have to study very, very hard. To be able to do that, while simultaneously not overload my brain and burn out, time management is very important. I have a schedule for each day, and I focus on my academia for eight hours every weekday, while on weekend it depends on what events are taking place. I am a shy person, but I have learned to step out of my comfort zone and find the organizations that interest me and see what they have to offer. Although I have yet to find myself, I surround myself with people that I love and stay positive in times of hardship. Regarding my vocational calling goals, grades aside, I will have to experience the world of medicine first hand. I will have to experience the good, the bad, and the ugly of being a physician and determine if what I am working for is worth it. I can do so by volunteering at hospitals and clinics; doing anything I can to be engulfed in the world of medicine. By doing so, I can determine if medicine is what I am truly passionate
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