Why I Want To Survive Me In College

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As a child, many people have doubted me. Even the ones closest to me have doubted me. Their doubts however becomes my motivation to work hard to prove to them that they are wrong to doubt me. As I find more ways to challenge myself, I met wonderful people, like my biology teacher, my AVID teachers, and my IB counselor, who helped me feel more comfortable when it comes to expressing myself, choosing the right path and connecting me with different organizations and programs that are beneficial to me. Doubts is not the sole reason why I challenge myself and work harder in school. I do all of this to lift my family out of poverty. Growing up from a poor family, many people like my aunts have doubted me when I told them that I will be successful. When I was 7-years-old, they forbid their children from interacting with me. I did not speak English very fluently at that time. Hearing my own relatives tell me that I will not make…show more content…
I am a person with ambition. I want to succeed in life and I want to enhance not only my life, but also my family's lives. I strive to do well in school because of my father and mother. My father works for the majority of the week. I rarely get to see him. He works hard to provide for me; I am sure he wants to see that his effort has paid off. Every time I show him my school report, I see that smile on his face, which makes me very content. My mother does not work due to language barrier and lack of experiences. Every morning, she would walk me out to the bus stop and tell me to work hard and pay attention in school. She tells me from time to time, "I cannot help you financially, but I want to encourage you to be successful with my words". Knowing that my father and mother dedicated most of what they have on me, I want to show them that what they invested on me will not go to waste. Enhancing my family member's lives is the main reason why I want to pursue higher education and continue

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