Personal Success: The Most Importance Of Success In Professional Life

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As a young boy happy people fascinated me. It was such my intrigue that one day I resulted in asking my father why they always seemed this way. Succinctly he replied, "They are happy because they are successful, just like you are." This was a clear and simple answer any young kid could understand; yet, that was not my case. The answer he provided me with was nothing close to what I expected, therefore, it made things even more confusing. What did success mean? Was it a disease? Had I contracted it as my father said I was successful too? These would be the questions that circled on my mind in the aftermath of this event. From this moment on my source of fascination shifted to a more concrete concept: success. Many years passed until I heard…show more content…
To succeed as a man is more difficult” (1). This is perhaps why, in my opinion, personal success is the most important of successes. Humans grow up being told that in order to be successful, one must get married, have an important job, have a six digit salary, have two or three kids, own a big house, and even have a beautiful car - the apparent epitome of this seven digit word. However, this is not everyone’s case. To the poor heroin user in Mexico, success might mean stealing enough money to buy his next dose, while for the Colombian soldier, success might mean avoiding getting shot by the enemy forces to see his daughter’s smile once more. The definition of personal success isn’t a universal law. Precisely, this is the reason why it has the word personal in it. Personal success goes beyond getting what you want; it has a much deeper symbolic meaning. It means achieving one’s deepest desires, consequently, ultimate happiness. The American essayist, Ralph Waldo Emerson, once gave a beautiful insight on personal…show more content…
Do it all the way. If you are going to half-ass it, why bother?” (3). Many of the principles on which professional success is based upon are displayed on this quote. These are doing things the best way they can be done or otherwise, its better not to do them all together. There are different degrees in which personal success is accounted such as healthy relations with superiors and workmates. This type of success argues that a respectful relationship with those who are above you on the corporal ladder is crucial for a vigorous and productive office environment and that friendly relations and cooperation with workmates will make work easier, better, and all in all more enjoyable. Hence, these actions lead to the main way professional success is evidenced: financial

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