Jayson Blair: A Plagiarist?

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“We've been here before. Too often.” (Rem Rieder, AJR Colum’s) Plagiarism is an exceeding issue in society because passing off someone else’s ideas and hard work as your own is unlawful. (Laura Agadoni, eHow) Jayson Blair is a well-known plagiarist in the media for plagiarizing articles in The New York times as his own or lied to make an interesting theory. Why would he destroy such a promising future? Blair could have plagiarized because he was under pressure and the success was getting to him, money began to cloud his judgement and even if you make bad choices you can still rise from a downfall no matter how many times people put you down and tell you, you cannot still be successful like the racist people he worked with. Everyone has their…show more content…
When task became bigger Blair’s journalism fraud became clearer to witness in his published articles (Jaysonblair.com). Why would a young promising man like Jayson risk everything plagiarizing? As a hardworking African American living in society doing something good with his life and has everything going for him at the age of 27 being a full time reporter for one of the biggest newspapers in America he is looked up at by other African Americans for his success (Johnathan Bailey, Plagiarism blog). If I was in the predicament Jayson was in I would want everyone to be able to count on me as a reliable hardworking person, that’s where things can become stressful. Not everyone is perfect and not every journalist is going to be able to publish the best article with so many gifted mines in the world publishing the same topic as you. The success began to get to Jayson and the lies became bigger and he pretended to be places he never went, being successful can be a great thing but it can also change people like how it changed Blair into a pathological liar over time he got more confident with his lies they started coming out in every article he published (Jaysonblair.com). Being under pressure, pressures people into doing a lot of things like lying, cheating and stealing. Jayson being a young successful man working at a big newspaper as a reporter would have…show more content…
“Anyone who tells you that my race didn’t play a role in my career at The New York Times is lying to you, both racial preferences and racism played a role. And I would argue that they didn’t balance each other out. Racism had much more of an impact.” (Jayson Blair- New York Observer, published by Sridhar Pappu, 2003). Racism still happens in today’s society and I frankly believe there is always going to be racism but sometimes some things are worth it and some are not, you have to learn to push past all the people telling you you’re not good enough and show them you are. Jayson let people take away his success instead of showing them he is capable of being a remarkable reporter. Colleagues noticed him falling apart and he has checked himself in and out of rehab centers (New York observer, Sridhar Pappu) Jayson could have been a promising reporter if he had not cracked and let haters stand between him and his happiness as a young African American

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