The Importance Of De-Extinction

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Have you ever thought of seeing animals again that went extinct thousands of years ago? Some people believe that extinct species should be brought back to life, however, I think that we shouldn’t and here are three reasons why. The first reason I do not agree with de-extinction is because they could bring back retroviruses or pathogens. Another reason why I do not want extinct animals to come back is because if they are successful with bringing back a species, then they would have to make a healthy population. The last reason why I am against de-extinction is because when they bring back the animals it will divert money conservation away from still-living animals. One reason why I disagree with de-extinction is because these extinct species could bring…show more content…
For example, in the text De-extinction probably isn’t worth it, the author states, “ is a bad idea because it would divert conservation money away from still-living species…” (2017). This proves that if they are successful with creating a new animal then the conservation money would be used on the new animal. Another reason why these animals were meant to go extinct is because back then, they had the right climate and ecosystem for those animals. According to the article Wooly Mammoth come back? 5 ethical challenges, the author says, “As environmental change occurs, ancient diversity maybe needed again. For instance, about 4000 years ago, the tundras of Russia and Canada consist of richer grass and ice based ecosystem. Today they are melting, and if that continues, they could release more greenhouse gas…” This explains that today’s ecosystem and climate isn’t meant for those long gone animals. If they did come back it wouldn’t be good for the

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