Plastics In Mean Girls

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Mean Girls is based on four girls Cady, who moved from Africa where she spent her first 15 years home schooled, living with her parents and the animals of the wilderness. She meets "The Plastics" also known as the popular girls of their high school on her first day of school. The plastics consisted of three girls, Regina George, the ring leader, Gretchen Wiener, Regina’s full-time follower, and Karen, the dumb one. When the plastics meet Cady, they immediately like her and use her as a puppet. So, Cady then tells Janice and Damien, who she met on her second day of high school and they convinced her to befriend the plastics and learn all their dark secrets in hopes of destroying the plastics reputation. However, things get complicated for Cady when she falls for Regina George's ex-boyfriend, Aaron Samuels. Once Regina George finds out, she wants nothing but revenge. When…show more content…
In the process, Cady spends an enormous amount of time with the plastics and unfortunately, she started to become one. In the movie Mean Girls, there were several diverse characters that were represented. For example, two characters that stood out to me the most were Cady and Regina’s characters. Cady’s identity was portrayed as this innocent girl from Africa who has never been to public school before and finally goes and she’s in for a rude awakening when she meets the plastics. Regina Georges character was portrayed as the ultimate mean girl. If Regina spoke to you or even gave you a compliment you felt special that she noticed you. Both characters were very diverse in my opinion, because we watch Cady transition from a loner to be the most popular girl in school. We also watch Regina change
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