Significance Of The Green Light In The Great Gatsby

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Sarina Klett BrownEnglish 1115 June 2015 Green Light Even though Daisy is married to tom, she loves Gatsby and he has been in love with her for years, so,daisy needs to decide what she wants. Since Gatsby was young, he has wanted to be successful and not poor like his father. After he decides this he spent the next years of his life working to be successful, until he met Daisy. Then everything he did after that was for her. In the Great Gatsby they talk about the “Green Light” often. which is a light off of Daisy's dock, across the lake from Gatsby's house. The green light represents hope to Gatsby that one day he and daisy will be together again. “Daisy put her arm through his abruptly, but he absorbed in what he had said”. this quote shows the hope and love they have for each other and that they believe…show more content…
His life goals changed from when he was a child because he grew up dirt poor on a farm with his parents. he didn't like the life he lived and wanted to make sure he was successful when he was older. Gatsbys life goals changed from wanting to be wealthy for himself to wanting to be wealthy for Daisy. His father was a very hard working man considering he ran a farm pretty much by himself, so Jay got that from his dad. Gatsby wouldn't agree with Wang's statement because he focused too much on his dream. Gatsby never really enjoyed the parties he threw because he was too concentrated on finding Daisy. He was still so wrapped up about her for five years that he didn't really live in the moment and enjoy life or the journey. My green light is getting to Hawaii after graduation. This is my goal because I have always been in love with the beach and the islands. This didn't become a dream of mine until a couple months ago when I realized it was possible. I receive social security money monthly from my dad and my mom told me how she's been saving it up and that If I really wanted to go I would have enough to live there for at least six months without needing

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