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Paul Tough's book “How Children Succeed” is a very interesting book on how parents and teachers can teach good lifetime habits for children in their early ages. Tough believe that Students behavioral attitudes can help them move on in their future life in order to succeed. For example, traits like self-control, carefulness and grit are better predictors for good future rather than taking an IQ test. Authors like Tough teaches parents how to instill these habits for children’s before attending a formal school. Diligence and satisfaction are the key elements which are needed for young children to set a goal and stick with it till they get what they want. The book “How Children Succeed” is a book for teacher and students to learn something from…show more content…
It impacted the rat pups because when the lab assistant researched and found out that their mother (Dam) actually contracted the anxiety and calmed down that surge of hormones. When the lab assistant separated the low and high LG they found out that the high LG were excelled because they were comforted. When they separated the low and high LG to an open field the high LG pups were more into the open field and discovered while the low pups just went in circular way. Researcher suggests that human with High attachment were more confident while the others were not. What I personally learned form this is that when child is more loved when they were young they get kind of a friendship zone with their parents and then they want to become like them or listen to what they say to become successful in their life and I agree with this too because they trust…show more content…
He agrees that mental spirit should be established for successful life. But Paul Tough doesn’t really theorizes effective solutions for developing it nor does he admit that just because you have the right approach and work hard consistently, you’ll be successful at anything you do. Paul Tough makes some good points and I really liked the book when I started reading it but, then he proceeds to bash you on the head with them every other page. I did appreciate the numerous examples, but it gets terribly repetitive. The sections I cared most about related to Self-Control and LG; however, he also focused several chapters on relationships with parents and how they should be attached to their child during their early ages in order to have a good effect on them. So if you have the same interests in reading this as I do, I would recommend you to read the first half then stop because he repeats the same points except different character and

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