Why I Want To Be Reflected In High School?

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As we took the ride into town I could feel the adrenaline rush to my head and I could feel a slight flutter in my stomach. As I walked through the doors and into the gym I felt small and the fact that I didn’t know anyone didn’t make me feel any better. I sat and watched the older students play and I felt a longing to be that good and have that much control over my game. Something changed as I sat there and watched all the girls play their hardest, smooth and together in rhythmic beat. Before I knew it was time for me to get up and play. At first it was really hard to have people tell me what I was doing wrong or that I needed to practice more. Then I started thinking more that way, asking myself what I was doing wrong and how to fix it. It felt good to know I was in control of my game. After I got comfortable with everyone I started bombarding the coaches with questions on how to improve my game and if I was doing it right.…show more content…
Then my whole perspective changed. When the coach told me I needed to do something different or gave me pointers I took that as my chance to impress, showing that I had the skills to play the sport. Every time I tried something different I asked my self what I was doing wrong and how to change. As I got on the court with the other girls I could feel my adrenaline pump as I slammed the ball over the net. It felt good to feel that tingle on the palm of my hand again. As the game went on further I could feel the love of the game. It felt so natural to me to be on the court. Now the dream of making it on the high school team seemed so simple, play the game. It amazes me that I love the sport so much, who knew that you could carry that much passion for one sport. When I play volleyball it’s almost like I am in my own little world where the only thing that matters is getting the ball over the
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