The Influence Of The Chican @ Cinema

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As a society, the communities around the world has been guilty of viewing films from Classical Hollywood cinema, due to the fact that the community were influenced by the structure of storytelling, and that at the end will satisfy them. However, when it comes to the Chican@ Cinema, it is rather difficult to embrace the community on watching these films. Why? Based on the readings and the films, it shows the positive and negative relationship between the Classical Hollywood cinema and the Chican@ cinema. The first thing noted in the readings, that the majority of them had mentioned Hollywood films in a negative manner, and positively on Chican@ films. One of the reasons is how films are structured to be functioned to influence a particular group…show more content…
Many films shown today has stories that seemed unreal. Many Hollywood films that focuses Chican@ communities just simply violent due to the amount of gang activity, not educated, and making the characters unreal, as if they need dependency of the “higher” society to relieve their struggles, and live happily ever after. An example of stereotyping among society members towards Chican@ is shown clearly in the film “Stand and Deliver,” that a Chican@ populated high school was questioned of cheating on an Advance Placement testing, because the society cannot believe that the Chican@ community can succeed in education. The Chican@ cinema shows how hard Chican@s work to fit in, to have food in the table, to have a home for their family. But yet again, temptations and influences has also claimed Chican@ to change their way of life. As shown in the film, “La Bamba,” it shows the struggles of Chican@ community due to living in a poverty community, but also shows the humanity of working and living. How Ritchie had to succeed in being famous, but tragically died due to a very unfortunate circumstance. Which brings a viewer to think, was being “famous” helped Ritchie, or simply stole his life? What would it happened if he did not take that route of fame? Compared to the poetry of Rodolfo Gonzales “I am Joaquin,” structured as a film with a booming strong narration and impactful images, shows directly the hardships and accomplishments the Chican@ community had

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