Failure In Arthur Miller's Death Of A Salesman

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Stefania Tersigni Mrs. Heinrich ENG 2U1b 12 November 2014 Failure in Death of a Salesman Failure is a term used to describe a lack of success. This failure of an individual and a way of life is reflected in Arthur Miller’s novel, Death of a Salesman. The author demonstrates, through the events that take place in the play that dreams are unrealistic and elusive. The need to be happy is so strong that humans would do anything to achieve their dreams. Consequently, the want to achieve an unrealistic dream leads to failure and dire detriment. Different people have different views of what they would consider a dream, but all dreams consist of the want to fulfill personal happiness. In most cases dreams are nothing more than just dreams; they…show more content…
Willy ignores any work that uncle Charley did and instead of being happy for him and learning from Charley, he continues to criticize him and tries to become more successful than him. He is obsessed with appearance and not substance, as he should. Willy thinks that the most important thing is how people in the world see you, and that the more people you have around you the more successful you will become. Along with becoming successful and wealthy, Willy dreams of becoming young again. Willy is trying to repeat his past, and fix the mistakes that haunt him. This is shown in the many flashbacks in the play. In the past, Willy remembers a happier time. He dreams of being young again to be happy, and to have another chance to achieve his American dream. It is Willy’s ambitious dreams that ultimately lead to his failure. Willy’s unattainable dreams in the novel cause him to fail. Willy considers himself a failure to his family and himself due to his lack of success. He fails to realize the unconditional love his family has for him. The fantasy he has blinds him from his reality. As Willy’s name “Loman” or rather “Low Man” suggests that he will never quite reach the level of success that he dreams of. This is proven when Willy explains to Linda why he is a

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