Why I Want To Attend College

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Late in my senior year of high school, I was confused also undeceive. I was stuck between joining the U.S Army or attending College. I had to make a choice fast, faster than I could blink! I had a 6 month deadline on my shoulder. After receiving tips from my family and friends, I thought I’ve had come to my decision. Excited by the benefits the Army had to offer, I was practically committed. Remembering back to when I was a child, and my parents always use to ask me “Rosendo, what do you what to be when you grow up?” and my response “A U.S Solider, not only a U.S Solider Mom, but a U.S Solider to kill the bad people who attacked the U.S on 9/11.” My mom would always shake her head and respond back and say “there’s no future and killing people in the Army my son. I believe it’s best for you to go to College and become the first male from the family to graduate from college.” All this time I was puzzled on why my parents wanted me to attend college. Not knowing the greatness that can come from earning a college degree. Earning a college degree could set your life on another level. Therefore, I proceeded to talk to my high school counselor for some advice and that’s what led me to make the best decision in life, which was to start college.…show more content…
My stomach turning, my mind is racing, my heart is determined. As I’m getting ready for the first day of class, I think to myself “what my professors are like.” Walking to my first class all I can think about is my mother’s words “I believe it’s best for you to go to College and become the first male from the family to graduate” motivated, walking with my head high I reached my first class. Enhancing the college atmosphere, I take a great look around the room. My comfort level starting to set in. Theirs when I said to myself “you made the right choice
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