The Pros And Cons Of Emerging Adults

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Emerging adulthood isn’t just an awkward time for the young adults going through it but also their parents. Parents may be having their children moving out or back in. As emerging adults continue to grow up so does their relationship with their parents and for the most part it’s for the better. There is no denying that parents still see their children as theirs and sometimes this can cause conflict between the emerging adult and parents. Whether emerging adults have a good or bad relationship with their parents, one thing is for sure that they are both getting older and both going through some changes for the first time. About 74% of emerging adults ages 18-29, would prefer to live independently from their parents even if it meant living on a tight budget ( Arnett, 2015, p. 53). During this time emerging adults seek out independence or just want to escape the negative family environment at home. Moving out is associated with fewer negative feeling and a greater closeness to parents (Gillen, 2015b).Another reason for emerging adults to leave home is to continue their education in college away from home, 84% of parents report missing their children when they leave home (Arnett, 2015, p. 56). That doesn’t mean all…show more content…
Emerging adults begin to realize “mom and dad” also played a lot of other roles in life too, and are actual people, about 75% of emerging adults report that they get along better with their parents now than they did in their mid-teens (Arnett, 2015, p. 51 ). Most parents feel they have a better relationship now with their emerging adult children now too . The national Clark poll shows that 55% of emerging adults have daily or almost daily contact with their parents (Arnett, 2015, p. 50). Parents and children have more frequent contact and enjoy spending more free time together (Gillen,

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