Who Is Lowe's: Who Are These Guys?

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This company started in Wilkesboro, North Carolina and has grown exponentially over the years. It mainly does business in the hardware retail business as well as Lawn and Garden, and anything to do with power equipment, and are one of the biggest hardware and building materials retailer in the United States. It's main competitor is Home Depot, which is an Atlanta, Georgia based company. Home Depot was barely into the second decade when it surpassed Lowe's in sales of hardware and building materials retailer. Lowe's reacted by making itself a big box retailer of hardware and building materials. Here is an excerpt from the article I read about them, and how it was referring to Lowe's expanding into Canada. titled " Lowe's: Who are these guys?": "…show more content…
The Atlanta-based warehouse juggernaut was barely into its second decade of operation when it surpassed Lowe's as America's biggest hardware and building materials retailer. Lowe's reacted by reinventing itself into a big box, coming up with a brighter, less warehouse-like format than Home Depot. (The style is, in fact, similar to that of Revy, which, like Lowe's was a home centre chain before the advent of the big boxes. Lowe's also granted Revy officials access to their stores in the early '90s when the B.C. retailer was designing the Revy Home & Garden big box concept -- another reason industry insiders often automatically link a move into Canada with Revy). Today, Lowe's has less than half the annual sales of Home Depot (US$15.9-billion in 1999 versus US$38.4-billion for Depot), but that's still enough to make it the world's number two retailer. That, despite the fact that it has no stores outside the

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