Why I Want To Attend College

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Famous author Antoine de Saint-Exupery once said, “a goal without a plan is just a wish.” From his wise statement, one can imply that every goal requires a strategy for execution, otherwise it simply turns into a desire. Every person has a goal; whether it be to have wealth, success, healthy relationships, or to even excel academically. Most students attending college only aim for good grades, but I have a deeper goal. I have come to understand that life will forever continue to challenge us, and that can be both frightening and at the same time beautiful. I want to use the times when I collapse to strengthen my overall well being both physically and mentally. With this intent, I plan to follow the university’s core values of respect…show more content…
During certain times in our lives, we all eventually fall down. For some, this collapse may only last a short time, but for others, they remain in the gloom for a longer duration. We all gain something after a life crisis—strength, and with that strength, we tend to become more intelligent and experienced individuals. Further following Marywood’s core values, empowerment allows us to use education, the education of life, so we can all strive to reach our potential. Instruction in the classroom on a college level, forces us to hold more responsibilities, ultimately making us both mentally and physically stronger. We become physically stronger by developing various ways of organization to keep our tasks in line. On the other hand, various priorities allow our mental capacity to stretch its boundaries to endure the workload. I plan to grow stronger both mentally and physically by reeling myself back to my main focus when thrown off course. In addition, I will physically stay healthy and hopefully improve by continuing to consume a well balanced diet, and allowing specific periods a few times a week to exercise. Without prioritizing and classifying the most important responsibilities in our lives, we cannot properly function as multitasking individuals. Marywood University has created a powerful mission statement. Specifically, it speaks of leadership development and ethical decision making, along with the ability for each of us to reach our full potential. My overall goal for this year relates to the mission statement in that I desire to reach my absolute full potential. I have become aware that arriving at my peak life performance will most likely never happen, but I can always aim to grow intellectually and corporeally. As I continue to journey along through life, I will be faced with the challenge of difficult choices; some of which may damage my well
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