Persuasive Essay About Early College

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If, you had a chance to have two free years of college in high school for free would you take it?The benefits of going to Early College High School is the experience not only in high school, but also in college.People who attend Early College have a better chance than most in succeeding in life.Which is why I think that every student should attend Early College High School because every student will receive two free years of college at Tyler Junior College and also a chance at receiving an associate degree at the end of their high school year .This certain program also provides dual credit at no cost to students who attend, and once the student has graduated, they would have a high school diploma along with 60 credit hours or an associate's degree.…show more content…
Plus by the time of 2019 you could be graduating with an associate's degree and going to other colleges and universities to get a bachelor's and/or masters degree earlier than people our age.Plus later in the future, you won't start off college with trying to pay off debt from books and classes from your last year. Early College High School also looks astounding on applications for when you apply for other colleges which gives you an advantage of being selected for that college than most. Just attending Early College will get you scholarships that most students wouldn't get, and you're prone to receive more job opportunities later on in life. For example, attending Early College also shows on your resume which shows to others you got a higher education than

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