Why Geography Matters More Than Ever?

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Waleed Smith AP Human Geography June 4th, 2015 Why Geography Matters More Than Ever Why Geography matters a book written by Harm de Blij a Dutchman born in Schiedam, Netherlands October 9, 1935. Mr. Harm received his Phd in geography from Northwestern University in Illinois, served as editor of several “National Geographic Magazine” articles, and was a renowned professor at Michigan State University. As a child, he moved from Europe to Africa to avoid the rising Nazi threat. While in Africa he earned an undergraduate degree from the University of Witwatersrand in South Africa and later migrated to the United States where the 368 page, Why Geography Matters More Than Ever was written. The reason behind the writing of this book is to educate…show more content…
Some of which include global warming and China’s rising economy. One of the key points in the book is the lack of knowledge of geography within the general public and how the American Federal and State governments are doing nothing to change this omission. For example, in one of the chapters "Reagan, who had opened a conference in Brasilia by pronouncing himself pleased to be in Bolivia, causing quite a stir in Brazil." A survey included in the book shows that "only 1 in 7 Americans can point out where Iraq is on a blank map." That means only 14.26% of Americans can Identify Iraq. Less than 15% is a staggering number. It's even less for Vietnam, only 10% of Americans could point out Vietnam on a blank map. Mr. Harm also stated that most Americans can't effectively utilize any map. Anyway, he informs us that geography is not only being able to name places and geographical terms, but how geography affects people and their ordinary lives, how certain religions spread across the world, how China is rising to become a global superpower, how North Korea's nuclear missiles could affect the entire world and its population, the Arab spring, the advance of extremism throughout the Middle East, and Russia's resurgent aggression. All these points are included in the book we know as Why Geography Matters More Than…show more content…
I’m going to address most of them; Region, Interaction, Movement, location, and place. For Interactions there is a part in the book where it tells you about the interactions between neighboring cities and cities separated by more distance. It showed that neighboring cities had a lot of interaction, while the cities with more distance had less interactions. For Place, I will be explaining china’s geography. China is known for their hill, plains, river that are all on the East side of china. While in West there are deserts and mountains. Most people don't know that China is the fourth largest country. For Movement, I will be talking about the movement of plates. Most people know that before we were here there used to be one giant supercontinent called Pangaea. Now after they separated they started moving further and further away from each other. But now Geologist think that the plate movement might halt to a stop. For location, in the beginning of the book the it talks about how there are two types of location, absolute and relative. Absolute locations is the exact point of a location. It is found by using longitude and latitude. Longitude goes across the world vertically and latitude goes horizontally. For Region, I will be talking about the Middle East. Regions is defined as areas divided by physical characteristics. So what does the Middle East have that's different from

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