How Did Ancient Rome Influence The Modern World

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Ancient Rome was mighty. Ancient Rome was founded in 753 BC and the first ruler was Augustus Caesar who ruled until his death. Augustus is considered the best ruler Rome has ever had. Augustus died during a war to keep his empire protected and at peace. After him a number of rulers took over and each of them brought something new to the empire which made Rome even more powerful and influential. Ancient Rome is the most influential to the modern world because they spread Christianity, Latin is the basis of the popular English language, and their advancement in math and science allowed new advancements to the world. Ancient Rome has an influence on the modern world because they expanded religion to a large amount of countries. Although many…show more content…
The utilization of these two subjects allowed the Ancient Romans to create a number of useful inventions the people still use today: “They applied geography to make maps and medical knowledge to help doctors improve public health” (Ellis and Esler 165). The Ancient Romans used the study of lands ,geography, to fabricate maps. These maps are often used when traveling and are on mobile phones to guide the direction someone wants to go in. People today mostly opt for a modern map which is the GPS but without the fundamentals of the Ancient Romans the world would not have came up with the GPS. In addition, the Ancient Romans also had an influence in science: “Perhaps one of the most recognisable features of Roman culture, and still widely used in the modern world, is the Roman system of numerals...Perhaps the greatest contribution the Romans made to the field of medicine was to spread knowledge of medical matters through the publication of treatises and a greater accessibility of ordinary citizens to a professional doctor” (Cartwright). The Roman numerals still are used in a variety of places. The Roman numerals is a method of mathematics that helps simplify large numbers when needed. This method is still common in the modern world because the Ancient Romans had established the system of Roman numerals. The Ancient Romans implementation of science and math to people’s everyday…show more content…
During the Ancient Rome era the civilization was reckless, “Criminals ran wild in Rome. Since there was no police force, there was no one to stop them...The senate couldn’t do anything since there was no money to hire police or even create a militia” (“The problems that led to the fall of the Roman Republic”). In other words, Ancient Romans were out of control because they did not have an established police force to control them. For this reason many opponents stress that Ancient Rome was not the most influential to the modern world. Nevertheless, the recklessness of the civilization occurred because of the lack of money they had to initiate a protective force. The Romans had no other option but to stay reckless until they had sufficient funds to create a protective

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