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Have you ever wondered how some things were invented so long ago? Or how a certain creation was even possible? Without many of these first inventions, things like rovers or smartphones wouldn’t be available today. Throughout time, there were many different inventions and theories that were created, but the Hellenistic Era was one of the most superior times. During the Hellenistic period, there were many exceptional advances in mechanical design, mathematics, geography, medicine and astronomy. Although all of these areas had advanced, science and medicine advanced most extensively. Many scientists today guess that it was because the time period was so immensely persuaded by the array of cultures, especially Greek. This caused several different…show more content…
was the period of the Hellenistic civilization.”There were three main sciences that strengthened during the period, they were astronomy, geography, and mechanics. Although there were countless factors that led to the expansion of science particularly, there were many Hellenistic thinkers that made the scientific advances take place. Many accomplishments today couldn’t have been possible without these thinkers. These thinkers included Aristarchus, Claudius Ptolemy, the Polish astronomer Nicolaus Copernicus, Euclid, and Archimedes. Aristarchus, Ptolemy, and Copernicus all worked together to achieve in areas of astronomy like proving the heliocentric theory, Euclid put his efforts into mathematics, and Archimedes, the most extravagant thinker of the time, was interested in almost everything. For instance, Aristarchus inferred that the Earth is a lot more diminutive than the Sun and that stars are far - removed from the earth. He also argued that the planets and the earth rotate around the sun, titled the Hellenistic theory. Ptolemy soon came into the picture disagreeing with Aristarchus arguing that the Earth was the center of the universe. By the sixteenth century, Copernicus restored Aristarchus…show more content…
“Much of the material in this work was not original but was compiled as a synthesis of the discoveries of others.” He collected the known knowledge into one book to lay the basics of geometry. Everybody from the Hellenistic Era to the 20th century used his book, Elements of Geometry, to learn the foundations of geometry. Without his book, one wouldn’t be learning geometry in school today. Archimedes was a bright thinker who invented many things, but his main advances were in military tactics and mathematics. A few of his inventions include “the compound pulley to lift heavy weights” and “the principle that the volume of a solid floating in a liquid is equal to the volume of the liquid displaced by the solid.” Archimedes discoveries led to many things and were used to make things more basic than they would be without the tools. They led to things like improved military tactics and simpler movements of heavy things. He even founded hydrostatics which is still used today. He wasn’t a man to hide his work, he shared it among many people. One of the people he shared his work with was Eratosthenes, who had the same passion as Archimedes. Eratosthenes took interest in philosophy and mathematics, and established the idea that the Earth was a sphere. The border of the Earth is 24,860 miles and in 245 B.C.E he predicted that the Earth was 24,675 miles. Eratosthenes was known to help and impact other

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