Fly Fishing: Clearing Up Misconceptions

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Fly fishing is a popular sport enjoyed by people of all ages. Instead of using live bait, you use artificial “flies” for catching fish. To cast a fly into the water, you use a fly rod, fly reel and a specific weighted line. If you’ve never indulged in this type of fishing technique, here are some important guidelines. . Clearing Up Misconceptions Perhaps you’ve hesitated to jump into this hobby because of what you’ve been told. Many anglers hesitate to take up fly fishing because they think it’s more difficult than regular fishing, but this is not the case. Fly fishing is actually very much like other methods of fishing as it entails using the same basic equipment: a rod, reel, line and lure. The only difference is the bait. Just as with…show more content…
Although fly fishing is linked with fishing in mountain streams, catching species such as salmon and trout, it’s also done in warm ponds, lakes and even in salt water. In fact, you may even live near a body of water where you can fly fish. What’s more, often people avoid fly fishing because they think it’s too expensive. But just as fishing with any sport, you can find both expensive, as well as inexpensive gear, besides medium-priced equipment. To find gear you can afford, do some research and talk to the experts. Basic Gear and Accessories As a beginner, some of the most essential equipment and accessories you’ll need include: • Fly rod—9’ long make good rods are a good choice for people new to fly fishing. If you’re using a backpack, buy a fly rod that’s broken down into several pieces or sections so that you can pack it. • Fly Reel—When choosing a fly reel, buy one that’s matches the weight of your rod. Your fly rod is less significant if you only want to catch small fish, but becomes more important for snagging larger species. • Wading boots and pants—Keep in mind that some areas require rubber soled boots. • Polarized sunglasses and a

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