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English Speech Tomorrow When the War Began and San Andreas When humans are faced with varying degrees of Crisis and Challenge, they reveal their true character, and their true innate qualities, which emerge out of every person but at different boundaries depending on their personality. Through The study of Tomorrow When The War Began, by John Marsden, and San Andreas, directed by Brad Peyton, it is evident that this is in fact true and can be applied to any shape or form of Crisis and Challenge. Branching out from Crisis and Challenge we will be focusing on two sub-points. The first on is how help given to the person from an outside source effects the person in his or hers Crisis and How they face the challenge with increased Support, and…show more content…
Tomorrow When The War Began shows us the value of help, and how it effects the characters and reveals them by using many different techniques. Marsden uses flashback, “but in the end he was good...” to indicate that Lee went through both a physical challenge as he got shot and Mr. Clement had to tend to him, and also a mental challenge as he explored his devastated house. Help from Mr. Clement proved to be crucial to Lee, as his help plainly pushed Lee on a psychological level and helped us understand a bit more about Lee’s inner personality through Robyn’s explanation of what Lee was asking her to look for when he was injured. Through Marsden’s recount of this we learn how Marsden uses setting and flashback to his advantage to create an atmosphere that mirrors Lee’s mind. The use of flashback and monologue, respectively “Victims of Mt. Tumblr Tragedy Laid to Rest....All I could think of to do was to trust instinct.” (Page 205-217) shows us that Ellie is facing an internal conflict. Through this we can gain an insight into how Marsden utilizes indirect help given to Ellie by the Hermit to discuss Ellie’s internal conflict through her monologue. Ellie’s internal conflict is triggered from the Hermit’s view of justice and morals which brings Ellie to think more deeply about what she has done and allows us, as

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