Jeminny's Mistakes

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It was a warm Saturday morning in a dense forest in Missouri. Alexis and Jermaine, her mom, live out there so nobody can steal any of their possessions. They leave the front door unlocked all the time, since they don’t have any neighbors or friends that come over, and take anything. Alexis is 13 and is a skinny know-it-all, that only thinks about herself and hates her mother with a passion. Jermaine is Alexis’ mother and she is exactly like her daughter but she is 71 not 13 years old. Alexis really loves video games but her mother has different opinions, such as, they can make you do bad in school, and you can get distracted and forget to do your chores. Alexis is getting quite annoyed with her mother since she has been playing Nestiny…show more content…
So Alexis decided to start running and hide wherever she could. It didn't work out too well, as she was found the next day. She was found over thirty miles from her house since she had run so far.. They decided that one hundred thousand dollars wasn't enough since Alexis was so far away . They called Jermaine and said they wanted more money or they wouldn’t bring her daughter back home. Jermaine only offered five thousand more but the offer was too little for the people that had captured her. They decided to let Alexis go and have Jermaine try to find her. Jermaine was too lazy so she tried to hire another group but they wouldn't take the offer. Jermaine ended up having to go out and try to find her daughter. She was out looking for her daughter for more than three weeks. Then wonder Alexis decided to call her mother and tell her that she was going to come home. Little did Jermaine know that her daughter was going to be waiting there to kill her herself. Jermaine got really worried about what had been going through her daughter's mind, so she told her she would stop beating her as long as she didn't pull another stunt like that. There were no more beatings until Jermaine saw that Alexis got a B+ on her math test. Jermaine got out the belt and started beating her for getting a B+ on her test. It was at this moment Alexis pulled out her pocket knife and finished of Jermaine once and for all. Alexis went on living a happy life, even though she had committed an awful crime that she would have to live with the rest of her
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