Persuasive Essay On Off Campus Lunch

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Many students in high school would rather have outside food than the lunch room food. I believe that students should be allowed to go off campus during their lunch period and grab fast food. In order to do so, the students must be able to drive and have parental approval. They also must be passing all of their classes to have that advantage. Students spend most of their day sitting in classrooms. They can only stay in classrooms for so long. When you have up to eight classes, five days a week, you would love to just have a break. This is understanding because teachers have a break as well when it’s time for lunch. Teachers are allowed to go off campus and bring food back. But if the students do that, they could get suspended because that…show more content…
They could drive home and pick up something they forgot or even make a meal at their house in case they don’t have enough money to pay the school. It saves so much by doing that. An argument can be posed that students would use that time inappropriately and/or not return. That is extremely possible. However, some high school students would have the responsibility to use the time effectively and return at the time they need to return by. There are tons of students that would take that free time appropriately. By telling the students that they can’t leave the school because you don’t trust that they will come back is ridiculous. Why are you punishing students that have the responsibility to come back when it’s time? That’s not fair to them whatsoever. By having the privilege of being able to leave school, will hopefully help students learn to become more responsible. If they abuse that privilege, they need to know that there will be consequences they have to take care of. Some believe that this is a set up to absences and or be tardy, but they need to learn to be responsible. Take College for an example, college will not be for you if you are late to class constantly. They do not care if you show up for classes or not. Colleges do a great job of teaching that you are strictly responsible for your learning and nobody is going to be by your side holding your

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