Deserts The Sahara And Mojave

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My Deserts I have 2 deserts the Sahara and Mojave. Do you know where they are located? Do you want to find out well I am going to tell you. Have you ever heard of theses deserts? I am going to tell you about them. The Sahara desert is in Africa it is 3,500,000 square miles. Do you know if it is a hot or cold desert? It is a cold desert. There are many different kinds of animal in the Sahara desert. There is a kind of tree there called the Bojum tree. There are some circles in the ground with no grass do you know what they are called? they are called fairy circles. And did you know that the Sahara desert is almost as big as the U.S. Do you know what content the Mojave desert is in? It is in the south California. It is 54,000 square miles

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