Why Donald Trump Is Good

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Its that wonderful time of year again where lawns are being taken over and commercials are becoming smear campaigns. Oh yes, it's nearing election time in the United States of America for the republican and democratic parties. This year's contenders for both sides have been especially ridiculed by the public for many reasons. The republican leader in the poles is currently Donald Trump and he has had some interesting views for the American people and their government, none of which have been considered good. Donald Trump is currently on his way to the white house and if he makes it nothing good will come to america through his plans for the military and the united states, his personality, and just lack of general experience in the government.…show more content…
America is already buried in trillions of dollars in debt and spending seven hundred billion dollars per year on the military isn't helping the situation. In addition to that, the united states already has the strongest military in the world with strategic military bases on every continent and aircraft carriers in every ocean. The next leading army in the world is China which only has one aircraft carrier and is many years behind technologically, and yet Donald Trump wants to throw more money at our military, take more money from the people, and raise our national debt. Donald Trump is essential a 69 year old virgin when it comes to politics and the government. This would make him the first president ever to get into office without any previous time in the military or government. The only experience Trump does have is running a business and management, and America is not a business in any shape or form. He isn't even a true politician and it has shown in his recent addresses and other shows. Donald Trump has actually became pretty much a laughing stock around the country for his downright stupid comments and his chance to turn this nation into an
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