Donald Trump Argumentative Speech

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Donald Trump, President of the United States had a horrible history that had impacted the world in a good and a bad manner, when the US started to run for a new president Donald Trump said some things that had offended people and made people feel worth more than others, at first he started and with saying we should build a wall dividing the country of Mexico and United States, that is what made white people think they are more powerful that Mexicans and African Americans. Although the months went by and the elections got closer people began riots so many people disagreeing with what Trump wanted to do, places were being burned down, thousands and thousands of people were hurt during riots, they were do dangerous police had to be out there…show more content…
After Interviews and interviews people would question why he would kneel at the National Anthem and he would state his facts and tell reports that “America Has never been great so lets make American great for the first time” meaning no one has made a change to stop the hatred in this world and he wanted to stop all this nonsense and fix it for the first time ever. Luke Bryan a song writer and singer that had dreams growing up to becoming famous he was a young farmer boy with talent of music, he made that step but there was so much that had impacted him to never give up, he was from a place where country singers go to become famous a place called Nashville, Tennessee, Luke Bryan got the opportunity to show what talent he had in the music industry. Although he had the chance he still put God and his family first and he said that is what got him to Nashville. A week before going to show his true talent of country music his sister had passed away so he wanted to stay home with his family and miss the opportunity of becoming

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