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What is success? Well as a teenage girl who has nothing going on in her life except for troubles at home that keep her up at night I wouldn’t have a clue. But what I do know is that to make anything even remotely successful it needs to be relatable to the reader. One piece of literature that was successful, due to the way it dealt with big issues, was the novel, The Road by Cormac McCarthy. The Road is a story of a man and a boy trying to survive in a post apocalyptic world. The story tackles big issues such as death/suicide, revenge, love and forgiveness. What makes it even better is the way it sheds light on the situations by using symbolism to show the reader it's relatable without making it too obvious. There is a scene in “The Road”…show more content…
The pile of clothes is meant to represent the idea of revenge. The idea is used to show you that the idea of revenge, is always bitter sweet. The scene in which he portrays this is when the Man and the Boy leave the trolley that contains almost all their possessions to look around the new site they have landed themselves on. While doing so a random man finds the trolley and takes it for himself. When the Man and Boy come back to find the trolley is gone, the two track down the stranger only to find him running off with all their goods. The Man pulls the gun on the thief, tells him to stop, and to give it all back. The Man then states “Give me everything” and makes the thief strip down to nothing, then proceeds to take the pile of clothes he has. The Man and Boy then walk away while the thief stands naked behind him. The Boy tells the Man “Stop” and “He was just hungry” to which the man says “I left him how he left us”. After much persuading the Man finally turns around and takes the pile of clothes back to the thief only to find he is gone. The audience is left to assume that the thief is dead so the Man leaves the pile of clothes on the road in case the thief ever comes back. This sheds light on the idea that revenge is bittersweet, we see that sometimes revenge isn’t really worth it. It shows you that you need to think about your actions before you inflict them onto another,…show more content…
The Man, after carrying the photo around since her death, decides he is finally ready to let go and move on from the past. The past in context that I am referring too is his wife committing suicide due to the fact that she believes she and her family “Isn’t living anymore, we’re surviving.” The man holds onto her photo and memory because he hasn’t come to terms with her killing herself. The Man at the time, thinks it’s a selfish act and after carrying the photo for so long he finally realises that it isn’t fair on himself to see her in a negative light anymore, but too instead remember her as the mother of his child, and women he once

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