Immigration In The 20th Century

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Immigration in the 20th century had oscillated because of change made by the Immigration Reform, which allowed way more refugees to enter the United States. Majority of Americans are certain that our country is going in the wrong direction. And when I say wrong direction, I mean physically it’s going down. America is getting so overpopulated that we are just sinking. But it’s not aliens shooting us with a shrink ray or our own body mass in the country, no, the only possible reason that we are going down is all the immigrants. Think of the foreigners as a little boy. America is also another little boy, but he is in his backyard with a fence blocking him from the outsiders. However the fence is just wide open for any little boy to just stroll on in whenever they want, even if they are unwanted.…show more content…
We are 100% proud American blooded people, who are losing our jobs to foreign people just because they are “smarter” and “have a better educational system”, however they can barely speak our language. Who would hire someone who isn’t fluent in English while every American has amazing English skills and are all capable of working? We just become helpless and are kids have to watch as their parents become failures. I believe that every American would believe me when I say that if we don’t allow immigrants in, our economy will increase because we as Americans, can finally show our true knowledge and it’s not like we don’t have money and borrow it from other

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