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Jackie Robinson, a Major League Baseball player, was famous for being the first African American player in Major League Baseball. In the movie 42 his baseball career, and life as the first black baseball player are highlighted. He endured all the racism and hate, to achieve his goal to bring equality among all races. The movie gave examples of people showing and not showing the 4 Cardinal Virtues, which are Prudence, Justice, Fortitude, and Temperance. The bravery and problems seen in 42 are also relevant to modern issues. Prudence is the Cardinal Virtue that governs the way of thinking, and is similar to wisdom. Jackie Robinson showed Prudence when he didn’t fight back against racist people who were yelling obscenities at him. Jackie knew that he was representing the African American community, if he were to lash out on those people the public would see Jackie, and the entire population of blacks as violent and scary. This would cause people to want him out of the league and cause a bigger gap between White and African-American people. A modern day example of someone displaying Prudence is Donald Trump. Donald Trump has addressed some very unique and interesting ideas during his presidential campaign, but now he is planning on not allowing any Syrian Refugees into America. This may seem like…show more content…
The segregation in the movie was an example of absence of Justice. There were many players and fans that yelled racist words at Jackie Robinson. It is wrong to judge people by their skin color and look down on them because of it. The case of O.J. Simpson was a famous case that showed justice. In the case, there was a lot of evidence showing that O.J. Simpson was guilty for murder, but he was not charged in the end because the majority of the black community was rooting for him. In the end, was it right for him to be released, or was it a mistake? That is why it is so important to have

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