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“The Problem with Political Correctness” Although trying to preserve people’s feelings is undoubtedly a good thing, political correctness has created this all encompassing idea that feelings are all important. In many cases explored later in this essay, feelings are preferred over reality and objective fact. Fat pride movements are evidence of the idea of feelings over reality. Fat pride movements essentially are just there to make fat people feel better about being fat. People don’t want to accept the truth that being obese is unhealthy. They just want to feel good about themselves even if they are harboring massive amounts of unhealthy excess body weight that is undeniably bad for their health. But no, feelings reign supreme. One prominent fat acceptance figure, Virgie Tovar said the following “People have this idea that fatness and health are in the same conversation, when in fact they…show more content…
That is all well and good, but for progress to be made, people who are offended by anyone who has a different view from their own, are going to have to be offended because the world is full of different views. People have to work together for change. We can't work together when those offended completely close themselves off to a different way of thinking. All throughout history it has become very evident that working together is the key to change and success. Helen Keller says “Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.” This is true in both respects of compromise between two groups and the domination of one certain idea. If many people who are closed minded and believe only one thing come together, wars can start. Thats why we had the Crusades. Compromise, like the Treaty of Paris, can still affect us to this today. It ended the War and established the United States

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