To What Extent Has America Held True To The Founding Father's Ideals

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Has America held true to the ideals they presented in the past by the founding father? I would say yes, yes we have, reason being is today we have opened up to more groups of people and have given the freedoms they all deserve to have. Our founding fathers proposed 5 major ideals when discussing how this country was going to be, and these ideals are as follows - equality, rights, liberty, opportunity and democracy. When they proposed these ideals it could be seen that what they proposed and what they had was hypocritical in the sense that there was not equality, not everyone had the same rights, some people did not have the same opportunity as others, and many people could not vote, but as time went on, America has seen these flaws and rooted them out.…show more content…
Even with the freeing of slaves there were still problems with racial inequality as many African Americans were restricted access to many things and were often separated from white people, this would change with the civil rights movements in the African American civil rights movements in 1954-68 where the majority of racial segregation and discrimination was ended. gender inequality as well was a major issue that was resolved, women were restricted many rights that men had already enjoyed for decades, but they would gain these rights through the women’s rights movement in 1848-1920 striking another major victory for equality in the united

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