Why Do You Have 1000 Dollars

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Inheritance Most people get a lot of money and keep it to themselves; however, I would give back as much as possible. They’re more people that could use a little extra money such as a charity, a school, the homeless, etc. If the money goes into someone’s hand other than mine who knows where the money would go. The money that is left I would use on myself. I would use the money to help towards my future. I believe I deserve the 25,000 dollars because I know how to manage money properly. I am smart when it comes to managing money. I would work extremely hard to give back to the community as much as possible. The majority of the money would be used to get items that I need or could use in everyday life. Of course I would spend some on things to keep me entertained as well. The only reason I would spend some…show more content…
I would most definitely give money to a charity because they could use all the money they get for the sick patients who can’t afford it theirselves. However, I would also use the money to get prepared for my future. I would most definitely buy me a car. I would buy a Corvette Stingray. Why would I want something so expensive? This is my dream car so I could have a huge down payment of ten thousand dollars. The last few items I would buy would be a rolex, a PC, a swimming pool, an iPhone X, and some more shoes. These are some huge things that I would most definitely reward myself with for all my hard work in school, and also being the best human being I possibly could have been. I’d definitely have to try and buy a gift card to give someone in need. One of the final items I would buy with the 25,000 dollars is a 65 inch flat screen tv to give to someone who is fighting a very hard battle. Finally, the last item I would buy is a white iPhone car charger for the phone I would buy. This is how I would spend the money by giving back as much as possible while getting things for myself as
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