Short Summary: The Rescue By Mrs. Plummings

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The Rescue As he got out of bed, John, who has pale skin, dark hair, and blue eyes, rushes downstairs and eats his breakfast. Pondering where his parents could be, John gets dressed, ready for school. He sprints to his formal, spacious, neat private school, Wisconsin School of Arts, and walks to meet his best friend, Mike, who has dirty blonde hair with beaming brown eyes. John and Mike walk into their school, enter their untidy, dirty, unpleasant classroom, and find a seat. All of a sudden, Mrs Plummings, the Principal of the school, who is enormously fat, with fiery dark eyes, and short untidy hair. As she struggles to fit through the door of the classroom, the class start to laugh, making Mrs Plummings very sad. Mrs. Plummings silences the…show more content…
When school break was over, and everyone returned back to school, Mrs Plummings made an announcement on the intercom that the school will be running a marathon for the entire week. Everyday was exhausting as the school kept on running and running until they stopped. Mike and John knew that they were doing all of this because of the school’s budget problems. Over the break, they were thinking of running a doggy day care service to raise money to fix the school’s budget problems, but they already knew everything would be alright, since they were running in the marathon. As the school approached the month of May, the school was gathered to the theatre to hear an important announcement. All of a sudden, as Mrs Plummings couldn’t contain her emotion, she exclaimed in the microphone that Wisconsin School of Arts will be closing down by the end of the school year! Shocked by this announcement, Mike and John looked directly at each other, knowing just what to do. They had to start the doggy day care service, to save their school. When they were released for the weekend, the boys raced to John’s house to start making a plan for their doggy day care service. During the weekend, John and Mike started taking care of their

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