The Pros And Cons Of Wooly Mammoths

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Dinosaurs and wooly mammoths are a blast in the past and are only seen in non-fiction movies but soon that may not be true. A small group of scientists have announced that the will be trying to de-extinct the wooly mammoth using the DNA from the baby mammoth (buttercup) that was well preserved in ice for 20 thousand years. They are planning on using the cloning technique called somatic cloning, if this process succeeds there may be a wooly mammoth locked in an inclosure near you in 2017, there are many ways this could fail such as not enough viable DNA, the somatic cloning method has an extremely low success rate or the government could just run out of money. This essay will argue to say it's not possible but it also answers the question should we de-extinct the wooly mammoth. The wooly mammoth can't be cloned because we have not enough viable DNA to clone it. "Sit in ice for 20,000 years, and the water damage, ultraviolet radiation and chemical decay will likely shatter your DNA to bits" (Lawson 2006 ). The life time of DNA is 10 thousand years so any mammoths DNA would be long dead and can't be cloned. The DNA…show more content…
"Edgar and Nina Otto spent $155,000 in getting their beloved deceased dog, named Sir Lancelot, cloned" (DMR 2012). It cost this couple $155,000 to clone there pet dog and it is one tenth of the size of a woolly mammoth it would cost at least 5 million dollars to clone one wooly mammoth and this clone might not live to se the day past its first birthday then what would the government say to its tax payers. Then if the clone survives the government has to pay tents of thousands to get and enclosure built for it and special food for it to eat and then the would have to keep it cool for it which will cost them to. Don't you think that the government should be spending its money on something more important like world hunger instead of de-extincting a creature from 20 thousand years

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