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INTRODUCTION Mobile phone nowadays are not just tool for communication but also mobile media. Mobile phone is not just for texting and calling but mobile phone, particularly smartphone can be used in a wider context. From just texting and calling, they are now use for internet purposes, Wi-Fi, games, taking photos, etc. mobile phones are used as a way to mediate our life and it depends on how we use it. This paper will include how mobile is not just a phone but also a media, how the communication has transformed, the accountability and accessibility of owning a mobile phone and how mobile phone creates it absence and presence in social media. CONTENT Mobile-Media and Mobility According to Hans Geser (2004), as mobile phone are used literally by everybody, it has create a new aspect in which all human beings are equal…show more content…
They could not negotiate their absence and presence (Geser, 2004). But now, the use of mobile phones, particularly smartphones, can negotiate individual private and public space. We can easily communicate and use our phone in public or private space because it allows freedom. However, Geser and Stald opinions are different with one another. Stald argue that although one is physically present, they are absorbed by a technologically mediated world of elsewhere. For instance, when one’s attending events people where there were many people, we would automatically interact with one another face-to-face. But when one’s does not want to interact, they will shut down their offline world by absorbing in playing their phones, playing games. This simply means although they were physically presence there, they are virtually

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