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Issues within Long- Term Health Care Foundations of Health Studies 1 Course Code: HH/HLST 1010 3.0 TA: Farihah Ali Student Number: 213596861 Student Name: Mathusa Sivatharman As one ages, his or her ability to do everyday tasks gradually reduces over their late years, until that person cannot rely on himself or herself and seeks the help of another person to accomplish their everyday tasks. Long-term health care is a service that helps and supports adults, usually the elderly, with their basic personal everyday tasks such as dressing, eating, walking and using the washroom (Johnson, Toohey & Wiener, 2007). Long-Term Care (LTC) is very much known for elderly patients with long-term or permanent illnesses or disabilities…show more content…
Long-term care homes in the province of Ontario, not only has a shortage of staff, they do not have enough training. In order to improve the quality of long-term care homes, it is important to have more staff that are trained and educated about their position and duty. The need for more long-term care homes and staff will result in an increase of taxes in the later future. As the baby boomers approach the peak stage of entering long-term care homes, there will be a fluctuation between the number of seniors and working citizens. Ultimately there will be a larger old-age population than working citizens, which leads to the increase of taxes in the future because working citizens finance and provide more of long-term care through personal income and taxes. In order to bring the long-term care system closer to universal coverage, taxes will increase dramatically which posses a pressure on future workers. Long-term health care in Canada needs to be improved, because the number of LTC homes does not correlate with the old-age population thus leaving many elderly to suffer the consequence of not…show more content…
An issue that will surely affect the future public in about fifteen years is when the baby boomers enter LTC homes and citizens are forced to pay more taxes in order to support and help the old age population (Blomqvist & Busby, 2012). When issues such as the shortage of LTC homes and LTC beds arise, the only solution seems to be increasing taxes. Even though no one wants to pay more tax than they already do, it seems to be only solution to realistically solve the issues when it comes to Long-Term Care homes. The old-age population will be far more than the working citizen population, therefore leading the working citizens to pay more taxes. Long-term health care mainly affects the elderly who are also considered to be apart of the public. If there are not many LTC facilities, the elderly will surely have trouble getting through a day of their life. Without proper care, the lives of the elderly will be at risk. Long-Term Care also affects the patients’ family. If a patient who is not in a hospital and lives with their family and is waiting on a LTC home, this will affect the family for they will need to be cautious about the environment and their surroundings so that nothing can firstly harm the elderly person at the same time make sure

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