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The time is drawing near for Americans across the United States to elect their next Commander and Chief. While we are still in early preliminaries and respective parties have yet to nominate their candidate some candidates have made their positions quite clear. After two strong debates it is fair to say that republican candidates have had a good chance to make their positions clear. Since Ben Carson worked in the medical field as a Brain Surgeon I was interested to hear what he would do with American Healthcare. His answer was surprisingly small scale and maybe that is its greatest strength. He suggested Health Savings Accounts (HSAs). In a statement Ben Carson said this regarding health care “We need to re-establish a strong and direct…show more content…
Carson writes, “Health savings accounts can be funded in a variety of different ways and give people total control of where, how and with whom they wish to spend their health care dollars.” Here Carson is supporting his claim for Health Savings Accounts by giving praise to its flexibility. There are multiple ways a HSA can be funded. One way is to transfer money from another checking account to your Health Savings Account. A second way is for when your employer offers a payroll deduction then you can chose to have an amount sent to your HSA. He addresses the nature of the health care recipient later in the article “Most people will want to get the biggest bang for the buck and will independently seek out both value and quality.” This is true when it comes to patients then they want the best care for the best price at a place of their choosing. Effectively this makes the process more like a business transaction while also providing better patient and physician relationships so they get the best of both. By no means are Health Savings Accounts a new idea, but Ben Carson looks to expand on them. Many American citizens are unaware of Health Savings Account and at first glance they may seem complex and non-patient friendly. Ben Carson looks to make HSAs more appealing, “Many corporations and communities…show more content…
His goal would be to allow money left over at the end of the month will roll over to the next month and so on. He wants money that is left unspent to be allowed to continue without any outrageous penalty. So if an account is created early in life, say from birth then is will greatly benefit the consumer in the long run. This is because if that consumer does not experience a time of critical medical need until adulthood then there will be a great deal of money that has accumulated in the account which will help pay off the

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