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Student loan debt Many people look at a college education as one of the best ways to find a career where they could do something they are interested in and pays a quality salary. Many high paying jobs or jobs that are trait based require additional education than an average individual has right out of high school. The logical choice to make in this situation is to pursue a college education so college classes get packed with new students looking to change their life for the better. A question presented to all these college students before they even make it to the classroom is, “How are you going to pay for your education?” The hard truth is that college courses at any level are expensive, and depending on the school you are applying to, especially if it is a private school, some school tuitions are outright ridiculous. So for most of the people in this country,…show more content…
You are finally making a quality wage and you are feeling great about that fact, but now you realize a huge chunk of your profit is going to the bank that had provided the loan. This is what you expected because you knew you had to pay the money back, but you did not realize exactly how much they would be asking of you every month. Now you are trying to build your life where you are adding a mortgage payment for your new home, grocery bills, car payments, monthly installments on an array of different bills. Although you thought the amount you would pay for your student loans will be fine considering all the money you expected to earn, you are now realizing that all these bills are crippling your lifestyle. Before you know it, you are searching for help once again for your money you owe. This is an unfortunate scenario that many Americans that have attended college have gone through, so this country has as a nation a massive amount of student loan

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