Pros And Cons Of College Tuition

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What would be a solution that would greatly decrease the unemployment rates and many other issues in the United States? Free college tuition would provide people with a further their education to be able to get high paying jobs, rather than today’s education system which many cannot afford, so they don’t go to college, drop out or place themselves in debt to attend. Many are not able to afford the costly price tag on tuition, so they turn to minimum wage jobs. Countless of these jobs do not supply them with the basic cost of living in the United States, so they are not able to make ends meet. Making college tuition-free would fix many of these problems now affecting many United States students. “Statistics show that barriers to a degree are an economic burden. Social mobility is nearing an all-time low, education is becoming an inherited privilege, and the rising costs of higher education unfairly impacts lower-income groups (Eskow).” Rising tuition doesn’t help the lower-income students, it destroys…show more content…
The federal Parent PLUS program, for instance, allows families to borrow amounts up to the student’s total cost of attendance at a college or university, which creates incentives for schools to increase tuition rates (“College Free for All”).” Many of these programs were created to help students looking to further their education but in turn, it's hurting them with the amount of debt it creates. If we cant have free tuition we should at least be able to take out loans for schooling only that doesn't rack up so much interest. Just this change would help out student a lot in the long run. This solution would not only help the student and their parents from paying off loans but it would help the government and banks who have to constantly keep calling to remind payments and track don students who just do not pay their loan bills on

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