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1. In the short story "Se me enchina el cuerpo al oir tu cuento . . ." (125), how would you describe the main character? How important is work in this story? How does language and education affect the working world of the main character and his family? I would describe the favored son as a family oriented individual that embodies the latin heritage of “La familia” He is an intelligent and respectable young man. While he is skilled in the native tounge of the bosses and communications, he is bright enough to know that the way that he and his family are being treated is inhumane. He is respectable because he stands up for the rights of his family and for taking responsibility of his family on his own. The work in this story illustrates the harsh conditions in which farm hands/laborers must endure in order to make a living. Yet, it also highlights that the work itself has constant health hazards, his father nearly suffocating in feathers, and the unimaginable locations and conditions that they have to live in, inside of a former chicken coop. In the end, the main characters knowledge of the language serves him well, when he steps away. He is then able to move forward and seek employment and a better life for himself and family. 2. Choose two of the other short stories and compare the way the writer deals with the theme of…show more content…
The main character does not understand Al’s demeanor towards his clients or his ability to give him a square reply. He assumes that Al should have estimations of how long the repairs would take. However, he doesn’t realize that Al has a methodical like approach to car repairs, he is the type of person that will keep working no matter how long the repair may take or will tackle whatever other challenges present themselves. He is driven and in Al’s own words, “I won’t let it beat me.” You have to admire Al’s work ethic and incredible dedication to his

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