Nurse Burnout Research Paper

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Nurse burnout is a real and concerning issue for many nurses. There are many contributing factors, of which include: imbalance between life and work, high stress, job demands, erratic work schedules, perfectionism, and emotional labor. These factors create nurse burnout, which in turn affects not only the nurse but also the patients we care for. Many nurses go into the healthcare field with the intention of helping others and providing competent, empathetic care to those with physical, mental, and emotional issues. The nursing field is full of intelligent, competent, and compassionate people, that provide the best possible care to their patients in their time of need. Problems arise when the nurse does not get the chance to recharge, and is perpetually giving to people in need and to those around her, but does not take the time to take care of her own…show more content…
Realize that job demands are just that, demands while you are at work do not let those demands follow you home. Erratic work schedules and long shifts may be difficult to deal with, but if you find that you are working a schedule that you cannot maintain, it is okay to ask your supervisor for a different type of schedule. Learn to say no to coworkers asking you to pick up extra days and hours for them, if you can then do it, but be conscious that you are not overextending yourself, it happens quickly, and if it does, learn from it. Lastly, perfectionism is a great trait, however, do not let it overwhelm you, not everything is going to happen perfectly, and there are no perfect situations, you must learn to do the best that you can in situations as they present

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