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Why is College so Expensive? College is a place that many people attend after high school. Where people are supposed to get a degree, that qualifies them for a job, to provide the essential needs in life. What many students have learned as they start applying for college or parents start having to pay for their child's college education is that college is expensive. College expenses have risen over the years and many people wonder "What makes college expenses go up", or "Where does the money go?", "Is it really worth it?". The real question is why is college so expensive? An article called "Why is College so Expensive? No one seems to know." Explains the the expenses that come along with college; how private schools are more expensive…show more content…
Or what is all the money for? The cost of college has risen for many reasons. One because public funding is no longer allowed for higher education. Thus colleges have to get their funding from somewhere. What the money goes to isn't hidden from people. When looking at college each lays out where your money goes. Weather its to books, food, housing ,or anything else thats the student may need. Secondly costs have risen due to the rise in applicants for college. As an article about the rising cost of college says "Enrollment in undergraduate, graduate and professional programs has increased by almost 50 percent since 1995"(Campos). Stating that so many students enroll each year, its gotten to the point where they need to get money from somewhere to provide the higher education students want…show more content…
Many people want to blame the colleges themselves for the rising cost, but that's not right. The problem is the colleges in the 1980's used to get most of their funding from the state now they get almost nothing from state. As an example from "How Did College Education Become So Ridiculously Expensive?", an article about the rising cost of college, gave, "Here’s an example. By 1990, Ohio had already cut back its funding for public higher education. That year the state’s flagship university, Ohio State, received only 25% of its budget from the legislature, necessitating another tuition increase. Ten years later, in 2000, state allocations for the school had been reduced to only 15% of overall costs. In 2012, Ohio State received a mere 7% of its funds from the State of Ohio. Tuition over that interval increased accordingly. " (Zimmerman). Ohio state is not the the only college that has had this issue there are many more like it that have there funds cut. The problem is not the college itself, but the in the amount of funds given to the college

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