College Education Vs Debt Research Paper

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1. As a student today there is no bigger problem I face than debt. I am constantly reminded of this problem every 3 months at the beginning of each term, and will be for years long after college. As a child a college education is highly spoken of and you’re told how much it will help find a good paying job. 2. For most financial institutions, when seizing a loan, proof of income is required before being granted a loan. However for a college student there seems to be a gap in this requirement. No proof of income is required however, proof of enrollment is. Looking back at this, I was trapped from the get-go. It seems as though they have “TSA pre-checked” me approval for this loan. Assuming I pick a major that is relevant to the time to earn a living and attend graduate school…show more content…
If college was optional or there was a free online degree many would choose that route. The American dream that many vision, is the one our parent’s generation puts emphasis on. You go to college, get a degree and then take care of your family. So falling into this trap to reach this outcome is pushed upon from an early age. For most of us college students, that dream has changed. A characteristic of people is that we observe and imitate, our parents went to college and now work and support a family. So that’s what we should do even if it does put us into debt. In society today going into debt is seen as irresponsible, it goes against public values that you should be educated enough to handle your finances however, the vast majority of young adults are already far into debt from

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